About Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers

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For over 50 years, Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers has solidified its reputation as the maker of the best tailored shirts in New York City.

Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers has a tradition of:

...in each and every stitch of each and every custom tailored shirt we make.

The shirt tailoring business was opened in 1958 on Madison Avenue after Arthur and Elsa Gluck arrived from Paris. They mastered the art of Old World shirt making in Paris following the Second World War.

Since that time, long before gentlemen “dressed for success,” Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers has been doing just that – dressing gentlemen with that smooth, expensively tailored look, with French cuffs and tab collars that give anyone wearing one of these shirts a little edge at the bargaining table.

Arthur Gluck custom shirts also include two Gluck trademarks:

Plus, the shirt fitting consists of 30 individual measurements to make sure the custom shirt has the best fit possible.

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About Michael Spitzer - President, Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers

Michael Spitzer always enjoyed the idea of a well-dressed businessman and eagerly opted to help Mr. Gluck dress his elite and prestigious clientele when he became Mr. Gluck’s apprentice in the mid 1980’s.

Prior to taking over Mr. Gluck's shirt making business, Michael aided Mr. Gluck and helped him design new, fashionable, younger styles to please all ages. After Arthur Gluck’s retirement in 1990, Michael Spitzer took over Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers to carry on the tradition of making the best custom shirts in the world.

Over the years, Michael has had the opportunity and honor of meet many celebrities and diplomats, but no matter who the client is, Michael works hard to make sure his clientele walk out of his showroom with the best custom tailored shirt they have ever worn.

To accomplish this goal Michael focuses on crème de la crème service. For starters, the service is prompt. Michael Spitzer goes out of his way to accommodate his clientele by offering them “Same Day Custom Made Shirts” (without the monogram) for those who need them yesterday. Michael Spitzer also develops a personal, first name relationship with his customers, who claim they can discuss any topic with Michael.

Michael is looking forward to building the same relationship with you as your custom bespoke shirtmaker.

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