FAQ - Shirt Making & Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers

How long does an Arthur Gluck custom shirt last?

Depending on how many shirts you keep in your inventory and depending on how you launder your shirt, our custom tailored shirts can last for more than ten years. Customers who use our unique fine laundry services department claim their shirts last up to twenty years. Each shirt is restored like new with each washing. We do not use heavy starch, yet the shirts keeps their crisp touch.

What is the best way to maintain the custom shirts?

As mentioned above we highly recommend having your shirt returned to us for full maintenance service. If this is not feasible, try using an upper scale hand laundry. They should preferably be washed in cold water, soaked overnight in a mild detergent, and pressed by hand while still slightly damp.

Why is your fine laundry department so unique?

Each shirt is hand laundered and pressed. We use a special mild detergent in which the shirt soak overnight until all spots are out. The collar and cuffs are scrubbed the old fashioned way to get out the ring of makeup. They are pressed mildly without leaving any fold marks. We press on hangers as well. All loose buttons are fastened. Your custom shirts are restored like new each time.

Is it advisable to repair old shirts?

Definitely! The largest and busiest department at our shop is our shirt repair services. We replace worn collars and cuffs on all your old shirts. We can use white broadcloth of use the same fabric as the shirt. Our workmanship is incomparable. You shirt will look brand new.

Can I get a shirt quickly?

If there is an urgent request, a shirt can be made in one day. We try to accommodate our clientele and deliver within two weeks.

Where are the fabrics from?

Our selection of superfine fabric comes from Italy, England, Switzerland, and Canada.

Whatís so special about an Arthur Gluck shirt?

Having a shirt made at Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers is indulging into the climax of shirt making. Starting from the custom measurement up until delivery, your shirts get the tender care and are pampered to give you the utmost comfort you deserve. You are invited in for a custom fitting and your shirt is adjusted to the contour of your body. You will have enough room to move, yet your shirt will keep its sleek look. We cater to every slope on you body you may not even know about. You final shirt is hand delivered to you at your convenience. We use the softest fabric available. They literally feel like silk.

Can I design my own custom shirt?

Of course. We love when a customer comes in to try new shirt designs. The whole workroom gets involved, and it's fun to try your ideas. We donít give up until you are satisfied.

Would it be possible to mail me swatches?

We usually mail swatches twice a year, but we can definitely send you fabric samples at your request.

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