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Custom Tailored Shirts - New York, NY

Award-Winning Custom Tailored Shirts since 1958

The privilege of wearing an Arthur Gluck Bespoke Custom Made shirt is reserved for the classic individuals who want to "Dress for Success." Clients of Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers have come up in many "Best Dressed" articles and have been featured in New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers of New York, NY is currently managed by Michael Spitzer who has captured the expertise and followed the footsteps of the late Mr. Gluck’s.

The experienced staff at Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers has been dressing celebrities, diplomats, and CEOs since 1958 in New York City. Our clientele speak for themselves.

The only way to walk confidently is to experience the ultimate smooth feel of a perfect custom tailored shirt from Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers. (Featured in New York Magazine)

With over 50 years of experience making custom tailored shirts, Arthur Gluck Shirtmakers is the preferred creator of bespoke tailored shirts throughout the world.

Our custom tailored shirt services include:

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Exclusive custom-made shirts. Starting at $250 per shirt
Replace your shirts with shirts that last up to 20 years.