The Best Bespoke Tailor-Made Shirt You'll Ever Own

Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker has been manufacturing the world's finest custom-tailored, bespoke shirts for discerning customers since 1958. Whether it's a dress shirt, a sports shirt, or one of our stunning pleated tuxedo shirts, you'll find that a custom-tailored shirt from Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker will outlast all others.

Factors We Consider During the Shirt-Making Process

Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker operates on the theory that dress shirts are a very personal matter, magnifying the individual's appearance and personality. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time getting to know our new clients and discussing with them the personal preferences that go into the creation of their custom-tailored bespoke shirts.

In addition, we present fabrics in all conceivable colors and patterns from our vast fabric inventory bolts and bolts of the finest imported cottons, broadcloths, and silks.

We give advice about the all-important collar spread. For oval faces, we suggest a narrow collar spread. We like to widen collars for round faces.

Careful measurements define neck size, the slope of the shoulder, and posture. A pattern is created that will ensure a flat, wrinkle-free front and just the right amount of collar and cuff showing under the jacket.

Why a bespoke tailored shirt if you fit into off-the-rack perfectly well? Because you need an extra quarter-inch on your left cuff to accommodate that chunky Rolex.


Our Custom-Tailored Shirts Offer the Following Features:

  • Many collar styles to choose from or create your own design

  • Ivory shade mother-of-pearl buttons with a beveled back

  • A large selection of cuff styles is available

  • All seams are sewn with single-needle French seams

  • Handsewn monograms in many different styles and colors

  • At least 32 measurements are taken to capture just the right body contour for your new custom shirt

  • Styled to fit your individuality

  • Expensive tailored look in all our bespoke shirts

  • Imported cottons, broadcloth, and silks

Collar and Cuff Styles

We have numerous collar and cuff styles to select from or customize the shirt to your specifications.

Fine Fabrics

All our fabrics are sea island and finer. You'll discover a tremendous selection of Swiss, French, and English fabrics in poplin, voile, broadcloth, and oxford materials.

Custom Shirt Fitting

Shirts are available three weeks after your initial fitting. Get started today by requesting your custom shirt fitting, which is also available in your home or office.


Additional Shirt Services

Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker has been making custom-tailored shirts for his well-dressed customers for more than 50 years. We stand behind every shirt that we make, and we guarantee every detail that goes into our custom-made shirts. That is why we provide professional laundry and shirt maintenance services to keep your custom-made shirts in tip-top condition.

Shirt Repair and Maintenance Services

With an Arthur Gluck shirt, we take care of detail. We replace collars and cuffs as needed and tighten or replace buttons as well. We take pride in the shirts we create for our exceptional clients, and we stand behind our product with a full-service guarantee on every detail of the shirt.

Fine Laundry Services

Our fine laundry services will restore your old shirts like new. Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker offers a special laundry service for our clients designed to prolong the life of your custom shirt. Forget starch; our shirt care specialists know how to prepare the collar lining and perform proper pressing to ensure a sharp crease. If an Arthur Gluck shirt is treated properly, the body could last up to 20 years as many of our clients have attested.